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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Taiwan Matters wins Best Political Blog


Thanks to David and Fili for hosting the Taiwanderful Taiwan Best Blog Awards 2009 and to all the members of the Taiwan Matters! blog team for contributing their unique insights into the politics of the country which I have called "home" for many years now. It's quite a pleasant surprise to have won!

Best Taiwan Blog Awards 2009
Best Taiwan Blog Awards 2009

A-gu's (阿牛) blog, "That's Impossible! Politics from Taiwan," tied with Taiwan Matters! for first place in the peer-judged category. Congratulations to him!

Here is the list of winners in all categories. You can get to know a wide variety of Taiwan blogs on a myriad of topics there.

Congratulations also to the winners in all categories! My one hope about winning this is that it might help us to do more to promote Taiwan to the world by reaching a larger audience and to inform the public about a certain party's predilection for lies and about the multitude of media memes related to Taiwan. Since neither the authoritarians nor their media lapdogs will change, everyone needs to be able to see through the smoke and mirrors.

Help us to do this by spreading the word about Taiwan!

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