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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


How TVBS treats different presidents

Two standards to fool them all?

The standard by which TVBS (AKA BS-TV) judges Taiwan's new president Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) is poles apart from that by which they have handed down judgment on former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁).

A post on the SocialForce.tw forum brings us the links, quotes, and commentary. I've merely provided the translations:
(->) 政院擬降稅 汽油可能只漲4.5元 2008年5月27日 [TVBS article, via Yahoo News]

Executive Yuan to incrementally raise gas prices, price might only go up NT$4.5 -- May 27, 2008


Let's look at some older news:

(->) 超貴!油價漲2元 最快今公佈 2006年4月18日 [TVBS article]

Super expensive! Gas prices to go up NT$2, today at the earliest -- April 18, 2006

[Excerpt:] 一大早加油站就湧進大批人潮,因為油價這回不但要漲,

The large early-morning crowd at gas stations was not only because of the price increases, but possibly also because this is a record high.
[Excerpt:] 假設以每公升調漲2元來計算,民眾平均每次加油40到50公升,

Assuming a NT$2 price increase times 40 to 50 liters per tank will add close to NT$100 to the average person's fill-up, adding up to a considerable amount over time.

(->) 油價狂漲! 馬痛批:扁政府做太差 2007年10月30日 [TVBS article]

Insane gasoline price hike! Ma complains: Chen government is doing a terrible job -- October 30, 2007

[Commentary:] 漲了4.5元叫"只漲",漲了2元叫"超貴,歷史新高",
3.9*50=195 快200元耶

An increase of NT$4.5 is called "only," whereas an increase of NT$2 is "super expensive, a historic high."
Is 2 greater than 4.5?
The reporter's logic is puzzling.
Isn't it strange that today's reporters can't help people calculate what the additional costs of filling up will be?
NT$3.9 times 50 [liters per tank] equals 195 -- almost NT$200!
Regular people can't survive, la~!

[Sarcastic commentary:] 扁政府真是做太差了,沒能力讓大家看到這種排隊加油沒有盡頭的奇蹟,

The Chen Shui-bian government did such a poor job, not being able to let everyone experience the wonder of neverending gas lines. Mr. Ma is great!
I suppose the sarcasm in the final paragraph is obvious to most people, but I want to point it out just in case there might be some stubborn Ma fans out there who still don't get it.

Photographic documentation
I do have one thing to add to this. Here's a composite photo showing the gas prices last night and then tonight:

Gas prices before and after the *first* increase under the Ma Ying-jeou presidency
C'mon feel the joys!
(and then demand some alternatives!)

Even saying "I told you so" won't make me feel better.

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At 2:09 AM, Anonymous The Foreigner said...

Hilarious! Thanks for posting this, Tim.

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's 36.6 nt compared to the $4.00 US dollars in USA?

I have no idea.

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...

The currency exchange rate changes all the time, but the figure I have for right now is ~NT$30.2 : US$1. Also, gasoline in Taiwan is sold by the liter, so you need to consider that 3.785 liters = 1 gallon.

Using those numbers, I calculate the price of 98 octane (currrently NT$36.1 per liter) to be US$4.52 per gallon. 95 octane (NT$34.6 per liter) would equal US$4.34 per gallon. 92 octane (NT$33.9 per liter) would be US$4.25 per gallon.

... and that's just the first step. Can you say "Shock Doctrine"?

Tim Maddog

At 4:07 AM, Blogger channing said...

Looks like in East Asia only the PRC has lower gasoline prices than Taiwan's...a certain but small consolation for the rising costs.

...anyone know what gas costs in North Korea?


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