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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Deep thoughts, May 13, 2008

Shifty in Shanghai

If Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislator Chiu Yi (邱毅) were an agent of the PRC government, would it be any easier for him to just shuffle off to Shanghai, China to "investigate" the Papua New Guinea diplomatic fund scandal and "uncover" info related to the case in less than 12 hours?

Wouldn't these "investigative" "duties" further explain why Xinhua (新華) likes to put quotation marks around the word "legislator" when they write about Taiwan?

Even if Chiu isn't an agent of the PRC government, can you say "Really big shew"?

I bet the real answers are far, far away from where Chiu Yi is telling the media and the public to look. After all, the suspect in question, Ching Chi-ju (金紀玖) was said to have been in the US at last sighting.

Link details (plus one):
* May 9, 2008, Central News Agency (Taiwan's national news agency): Diplomacy scandal suspect will consider returing to Taiwan: lawyer
Lawyer Chang Hsiu said Ching will hold a news conference in Los Angeles prior to May 20, when the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration steps down, to provide a clear picture of what happened, and specifically to give the media a clearer picture of who received funds and in what amounts.

He added that Ching's top concern now is his personal safety.
* May 9, 2008, China Times (中國時報): 邱毅:將到上海追查金紀玖女友帳戶 [Translation: Chiu Yi says he'll go to Shanghai to investigate the account of Ching Chi-ju's girlfriend]

* May 10, 2008, ETToday via qlife.com.tw: 外交醜聞/邱毅:金紀玖上海存款100萬美金 應先扣押 [Translation: Foreign affairs scandal / Chiu Yi says "Ching Chi-ju has US$1 million in Shanghai, account should be frozen"]
到上海不到十二個小時,邱毅已經找到金紀玖在上海的不動產登記 [...]。

[Maddog translation:]
Within 12 hours of arriving in Shanghai, Chiu Yi had already located Ching Chi-ju's real estate records [...]
* Additional article, May 11, 2008, United Daily News: 邱毅:搓巴紐案翌年 金紀玖在滬置產 [Translation: Chiu Yi says "After dealing with the PNG case for one year, Ching Chi-ju owns property in Shanghai"]

* May 12, 2008, Sydney Morning Herald: Taiwan issues warrant over funds scandal
Taiwan's police department said it discovered through intelligence sources that Ching first fled to China before going to Canada earlier this month. He was found on the US West Coast last week, they said.

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