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Monday, May 05, 2008


Deep thoughts, May 5, 2008

With help from an old edition of Lonely Planet's guide to Taiwan

What's a smile mean?
From a pre-JoSamBro edition of Lonely Planet's guide to Taiwan

Since people in Taiwan sometimes smile out of embarrassment, could the focus by Max Hirsch and others on Vice Premier Chiou I-jen's (邱義仁) smiling be some kind of a distraction?

Chiou I-jen smiles, Max Hirsch does something...
From Max Hirsch's post on the Thirsty Ghosts blog
(and shouldn't that caption read "May 4"?)

And was the use of that photo Max's own idea?

What do you get when you Google 'smile,' you get to see some pan-blue distractions
A Chinese-language Google News search for "Chiou" and "smile/laugh"

(No, it doesn't necessarily mean that Chiou isn't happy, but c'mon -- use your brain and try to figure out why the semi-homophonic habitual liar Chiu Yi [邱毅, Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)] is acting like he knows so much about this Papua New Guinea fund scandal)

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