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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Election Pay-Off Bills Passed by KMT Following Their Apology

I mentioned a news about KMT's lawmakers rushing to pass a law to pay off local district chiefs right after the election several days ago.

That news went out, suspicions raised, people criticizing.

Feeling the pressure, KMT apologized for what they did:

KMT lawmaker Lin, Yi- Shih (國民黨中央政策會執行長林益世), currently KMT Central Policy Committee Chief Executive, apologized to the public (for submitting pay-off resolutions). He stated,

"If the content of resolutions causes public suspicion and fears, we express our apology. But one thing to know is, the submitted doesn't necessarily is the final version we will pass. KMT party core will double our effort to review and correct those bad or criticized resolutions."

I assumed that those resolutions will then be frozen by KMT, and eventually passed secretly when other things take over the spot light.

I was dead wrong.

The next day after they apologized for it, they passed it:

Several questioned "money pit" bills were sent smoothly to the next committee for further readings yesterday. Because all these resolutions were submitted by pan-blue lawmakers, KMT core members apologized for causing public suspicions yesterday, and promised to push "Sun Shine" resolutions. While the apology was still fresh, KMT pushed the questioned money pit resolutions further, causing even more suspicions.

They are so bold that they don't even bother to keep it at lower profile.

Then why bother apologizing ? As I mentioned earlier, they are gonna pass it, no matter what.

Remember, Tim just reminded us that KMT's apologies means nothing. I can see the operation pattern of KMT government in the years to come:

The left hand keeps apologizing while the right hand keeps looting.

Don't forget, President Ma Ying-Jeou is good at the "apologizing" part. If he acts in his usual operation mode, he will claim he is not responsible for any of the looting because -- I don't know it until I read the newspaper.

Below is part of legislative procedures showing how KMT plays the "one hand apologizing, one hand looting" trick. For the full legislative flow, see here.

[Source] Money Pit Resolutions criticized, KMT apologized
錢坑法案遭批 國民黨團:道歉並修正內容
(Note by Taiwan Echo: The Hanzi title above says "KMT core apologized and made correction", but no correction is ever mentioned anywhere in the text or in any other report that I know of.)
中央廣播電台╱徐忠佑 2008-03-26 11:08



[Source] Pan-Blue passed money pit resolutions right after they apologized
才道過歉… 藍放水錢坑法案








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At 8:46 AM, Blogger Prime Minister3 said...

I find it a little amusing that you are critiquing the KMT proposed legislation. It is like the pot calling the kettle black.
The way politics works is that the leading party can start and follow through with initiatives.
Also, I think you misconstrued the purpose of the apology. Taking things out of context can do that to you.


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