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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hsieh within 3 percentage points of Ma

Finally, a green survey

Today's Taipei Times reports some good news:
Another poll released by the Southern Taiwan Society yesterday showed that Ma had the support of 41 percent of respondents, while Hsieh was backed by 38 percent.
That's within the margin of error.

Somebody also posted the info to Wikipedia, with a strange qualification:
And South News is on the extreme end of Pan-Green.
WTF? Of course, no source is there to back up that claim.

More info at South News (南方快報). Gotta post this quick.

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At 9:28 AM, Anonymous The Foreigner said...

I'd say the forcible invasion of DPP headquarters by KMT lawbreakers has the potential to shake the race up in ways discussions of green card ownership or 27 year-old newspaper filchings never could.


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