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Thursday, January 10, 2008


The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) takes the Taiwanese for fools

Don't get fooled again!

While esteemed bloggers like Michael Turton and A-gu (阿牛) are under the impression that Taiwan's DPP won't even earn 50 seats in this Saturday's legislative election, I'm personally under the very strong impression that party's opposition -- the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) -- is in full panic mode for fear that they'll lose their majority, despite pan-blue polls which attempt to convince voters that they're way ahead.

Case in point
I have seen the KMT use more crazy tactics than I can keep track of, and their recent fascination with "dirty tricks" is absolutely laughable.

But let's see who the party of dirty tricks really is, shall we?

Psychics for their scars
In an attempt to buttress their chances of being elected, the KMT has enlisted the help of an American "prophetess" (預言家) named Elizabeth Fotinopoulos (伊莉莎貝·福提諾寶勒斯). Fotinopoulos has conveniently "prophesied" that an attempt will be made on the life of their presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), but that he will survive.

Readers should remember that Taiwan's current president, Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) (DPP) survived a gunman's bullet on March 19, 2004 -- the day before Taiwan's most recent presidential election -- and that the KMT accused Chen of having "staged" the assassination attempt in order to gain "sympathy votes" and win the presidency.

Using simple math, Jerome F. Keating thoroughly debunked the possibility that any such votes would have accounted for the change in votes on either side of the political divide in the previous 8 years. Even if you've read it before, you should go over it once again so you'll be aware of the absolute nonsense the KMT spews at every turn.

Back to the future-teller
Returning from our brief aside, we must pull back the curtain a bit further to see more about this "prophetess," because by all appearances, there is a conspiracy at work here. (I wonder if she could have predicted that I'd be writing about her at this point in time.)

A Google search for "Elizabeth Fotinopoulos" (supposedly "America's most famous prophetess") -- even when limited to "English pages only" -- brings up Fotinopoulos' personal page and other pages which are written in Chinese. There is no Wikipedia page for Fotinopoulos [UPDATE 1a: screenshot], nor are there any pages (so far) on that site which even mention her [UPDATE 1b: screenshot]. There was nothing about her on Amazon.com either. What more is there to know?

The hidden truth about "Your Hidden Truth"
Fotinopoulos' book, "Your Hidden Truth," isn't only unusual in that it has Chinese on the cover. Wouldn't you know? It's published by Linking Books (聯經出版公司), which just happens part of the "UDN Group" along with the pro-unification United Daily News.

If you think that's bad, you'll be shocked when you find out that on Saturday, January 12, 2008, Fotinopoulos is giving a public talk -- timed to coincide precisely with Taiwan's legislative election. [UPDATE 2: That speaking engagement has been canceled (see the red text) for reasons not given. Bet she didn't see that coming!]

About a week ago, someone asked on Yahoo! Canada Answers:
Will the assassination of Bhutto scenario be duplicated in Taiwan in its imminent cut-throat elections?
President of Taiwan once said he was advised to declare martial law (emergency status) in the upcoming elections under certain conditions.
This was confirmed by its security bureau later.

American prophetess (Elizabeth Fotinopoulos) once said the competing, promising candidate would be in danger -- his life is threanted [sic].

Why there are so many smears, riots, murders in developing countries [sic (missing apostrophe)] elections?
Sounds like a smear is happening right there in the last sentence. (And how did this person just happen to know what Fotinopoulos supposedly said about Ma?)

Furthermore, Taiwan is not a "developing countr[y]." Chen Shui-bian did not threaten martial law, as insinuated above. And the KMT is still the party of violence, as shown by very recent history. It also just so happens that their "promising candidate" is described that way because of pan-blue polls.

How they duplicate the dupes (AKA "complete nondisclosure")
First, get someone on your side. Then, give them "credentials" by publishing their book (which you might even help them to write). Next, get them to say something that will help you achieve your goals. Finally, point to "their words" with your own newspaper [bonus link!] -- with no mention that you published her -- in effect pretending that she's a neutral source.

How many times must people see this kind of thing happen before they realize they're being duped?

Returning to present predictions of the future
In the first paragraph, I stated doubt regarding Michael Turton and A-gu's predictions about Saturday's election. Look at this parody-phrase of the KMT's "explanation" for why they "should have won" the 2004 presidential election:
"But we always used to win!"
If "election by tradition" were good enough, we wouldn't need elections at all. The fact of the matter is that voting patterns change, vote buying can be reduced, and the public can be more enlightened -- even in the face of the mendacious media -- because we're living in the age of the Internet and YouTube. A strong desire to know the truth helps, too.

Don't miss these
* The DPP's own list of 15 dirty tricks which have already been employed by the KMT
* I don't think the word "rumor" means what Chiu Yi (邱毅) wants you to think that it means.
* Don't forget how terribly wrong the pan-blue surveys in the runup to the 2006 mayoral elections in Taipei and Kaohsiung were.
* Michael Turton put a post up last night about How the Referendums Will Be Defeated. See some more KMT dirty tricks at work there.

Post valediction
With only about 36 hours remaining until this very important election, this is "the world's Nth most famous Taiwan blogger," Tim Maddog, signing off. Good night, and good luck videotaping vote buyers and getting the video(s) on YouTube.

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At 12:38 PM, Blogger 阿牛 said...

Most entertaining and informative, as usual. Thanks.

At 3:33 AM, Anonymous Hayato said...

I came to know your blog from my wife. My wife happened to come across your site.

I'm a Japanese who is for Taiwai's independence. I hear a lot of "claims" that China makes being China will take military action if Taiwan declares indepenedence. I just can't see how Taiwan could belong to China. Taiwan has election, but China does not. Taiwan has the system for people to voice out the issues, but China is pretty much a dectatorship. I'm not saying democracy is everything, however.

Ganbare Taiwan!

At 9:48 PM, Blogger SammyD said...

What an Amazing Country! Watching the election returns this evening i sat with hands in head, trying to figure out how a vast majority of the population can be so duped into believing that the opposition party will bring about a great change for Taiwan. It was always my understanding that we elect officials for the betterment of our qualities of life, to protect our interests, and to lead OUR country into the future. but after watching week after week of KMT campaign ads on TV, i have come to realize that their Anit-DPP centered message was only to get a majority of seats, in turn to try to force out 1 man (who is out of office in another 2 months anyway. In regards to Hayato's comments: I can agree in part, however.. there are some basic cultural issues to consider Taiwan Independence is impossible Until such time as Taiwanese start to consider them selfs "Taiwanese" all i ever hear from anyone is "I'm Chinese, Hakkanese, Fujinese etc until there is National Pride, there can be no independence. My family is from Wales, I however was born in the states, schooled in the states, served in the Navy of the United States, However... i would not proclaim for all to hear that I am British.. while proud of my Welsh Heritage, I am American.. As for the comparison with China, yes they are different governing systems, and China views Taiwan more of a Colony similar to Hong Kong is "ruled" as for Military Actions against Taiwan from Mainland China.. its the flea on the Dogs Back.. the conflict will last 20 seconds and there will be alot of Red Carpets spread out by the KMT (interesting.. didn't they leave China to escape the communists rule)?

Just an opinion

Sammy in Taoyuan

At 1:37 PM, Blogger channing said...

With such high economic productivity per capita, Taiwan's populace must be at least reasonably educated and can separate ideology from practice. Nobody is saying the DPP did no good for Taiwan, but they served their greatest purpose 20 years ago.

I agree with people who have said that the vote was not a vote for the KMT, but a vote of no confidence against the DPP.

One day, when the KMT finally fail to deliver, the population will once again vote them out. All vote-based democracies work this way. When it does happen, it may even be our old favourite, the DPP, to once again give hope for a forward-looking society.


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