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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Ma Ying-jeou supersizes his cadre of spokespersons

The recent Green Card Crisis landed on Ma Ying-Jeou, KMT's presidential candidate, reveals how incompetent Ma is in terms of crisis management. Based on what I learned from Taiwanese forums, although pan-green supporters are excited to see that Ma is still unable to provide sufficient material to prove that he doesn't currently hold a valid USA Permanent Resident status (the Green Card)[see the end of this post], the possible fact of "Taiwanese President is a USA Permanent Resident" doesn't seem to bother pan-blue supporters even a bit. Instead, what they really worry about is how stupid their God of Image now appears to be, and this God of Image seems to be incapable of covering up his own shit.

Amazingly, adding to this worry of incompetence, Ma's camp made another hilarious move: expanding the number of spokespersons from 3 to a humongous total of 22.

Now, with a common level of wit, can anyone tell me how the hell is this gonna work, and how the hell will it help to improve the crisis management of Ma ?

Obviously, Ma completely misses the point. The main reason his green card becomes a crisis is not that his spokespersons spoke badly. It's because his spokespersons don't have any convincible materials to say, so they (and Ma himself) lie all the way through until they couldn't. It seems that Ma is ready to exercise his old trick again: whatever goes wrong, it is never my fault --- I don't know, I didn't know until I read the newspaper, I wasn't informed about the decision, ... With so many spokespersons around, it's even easier for Ma to deny any responsibility of any announcement -- well, when did he ever take any wee bit of responsibility for anything that went wrong under his administration anyway?

A spokesperson represents the idea of a camp. If Ma can't drive his camp with 3 spokespersons, I don't think he can drive his camp with 22 directions. It will contribute nothing but creating slots out of nothing to share with more people. It looks to me that Ma's camp already starts the process of "cake sharing" even before the cake is baked.


綠卡效應 馬總部再增19位發言人
TVBS 2008-02-02 13:12

This discussion column over a pro-green forum「與媒體對抗」 about Ma's green card issue received nearly 2,000 posts in a couple of days. Lots of discussion and information.


At 9:06 AM, Blogger Adam said...

I am an American married to a Taiwanese. I didn't get her a green card because we live in Taiwan and only travel to America once a year. I thought I could get her a green card but it would be automatically invalidated because she didn't reside in America for over a certain number of days every year. Thus, I thought Ma ying jeou's green card would be invalidated as well.
Besides, any president anywhere could probably find another place to live without much trouble. They aren't lower class folk. They have connections and resourses.

At 3:21 AM, Anonymous liau said...

綠卡不是萬能, 但沒有綠卡共匪來時, 總統萬萬不能逃到美國

有綠卡當然沒關係, 但沒有綠卡關係大了, 因為共匪來或貪污被踢爆時, 總統不能逃到美國


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