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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Taiwan's 14th bid to enter the UN

I came across this letter to the 2theAdvocate.com, a Baton Rouge-based website, by former judge and member of Congress from Louisiana, John Richard Rarick :

Taiwan is a sovereign nation with a defined boundary, a democratically elected government, a constitution, a legal system, an organized military, a flag and conducts economic relations with more than 27 nations. To continue to deny Taiwan and its 23 million inhabitants international recognition and a seat in the United Nations General Assembly is a travesty of international law and justice.

And here's a brief overview from RTI of Taiwan's current bid to enter the UN:
Taiwan launched a series of campaign literature for its UN bid. The government said since it is a violation of human rights that Taiwan has been excluded from the United Nations, this year's campaign features "UNhuman," a made-up word that combines UN and human. Meanwhile, Foreign Ministry spokesman Michel Lu said the government uses the Republic of China, the country's official name, in the campaign literature only once. Lu said the word "Taiwan" is used on the rest of the campaign literature since the international community is more familiar with "Taiwan." Taiwanese diplomats stationed in Los Angeles also launched a global online petition supporting Taiwan's UN bid. Taiwan withdrew from the United Nations in 1971, when its seat was replaced by China. Taiwan has been trying to re-enter the world body since 1993. However, the government's UN bid has hit one stumbling block after another over the past 13 years due to China's opposition. The United Nations will hold this year's General Assembly meeting on September 12th.

Here is Taiwan's UN bid Online Petition.


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