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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Friend Across the Strait

Taiwan Matters! welcomes Friend Across the Strait, who writes:


I have never lived in Taiwan, but for the past two decades, following Taiwan's democratic development has been my hobby. This was due to a Taiwanese classmate who indoctrinated me with TI propaganda. Since then, I have studied, written and spoken about Taiwan issues.

Seven years ago, my career brought me to Hong Kong. Being in Chinese territory, I receive regular doses of news and information concerning Taiwan from local and Chinese perspectives.

I offer a different outsider's glimpse on Taiwan matters. Having been brought up in the US as a Chinese American, my views also differ from other Hong Kong commentators such as ESWN.

As a friend from across the strait, I hope to hasten Taiwan's acceptance by other nations as a member of the international community.



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