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Saturday, September 02, 2006


The Arms Package to reach the floor

In this article on Ma coming under fire from fire-eaters to his right for his lackluster support of Shih's sit-in, there appeared this most unexpected blurb:

In other news, Minister of National Defense Lee Jye (李傑) held a meeting with senior media staff last night, during which he said that Ma had "sent word to him" that the KMT would not block the long delayed special arms procurement budget from being reviewed in the next legislative session.

If true, that is certainly good news. No wonder the government suddenly decided on its long-discussed notion to buy F-16 fighters -- which the US promptly signaled it would not sell, as "punishment" for "Taiwan's" lack of movement on the previous arms purchases.

It would be nice if this were true. But the KMT has several times indicated it might budge on the arms purchase, but each time it has failed to cease its obstructionist tactics.


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