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Friday, September 01, 2006


Daily Links, Sept 1, 2006

Lots to read...

  • The View from Taiwan says people are angry because household Incomes are stagnant but expenses are rising
  • ESWN has skinny on major international flap resulting from Taiwan firm Foxconn suing reporter in China.
  • MEDIA: Mayor Ma of Taipei under fire from his right for sitting on fence and not supporting Shih more loudly. Shih says DPP worse than CCP. Given rope, he will hang himself. Shih denies asking DPP for government position. Don't miss Nat Bellocchi's great commentary in the Taipei Times. President Chen slams Sissy Chen's remarks that he is fleeing into exile. I guess Shih Ming-te isn't the only one tired of being out of the limelight...Meanwhile DPP legislator Wang Shih-cheng, moralist and exposer, was caught between the sheets with an assistant.


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