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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ma Ying-jeou: Worst. President. Ever.

When pro-Ma media says so, it's even worse than that!

Ma Ying-jeou: Worst. President. Ever.
Rotten to the core
(Click to enlarge)

A survey released by pro-blue, 100% Chinese-funded TVBS says that Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou's (馬英九) approval rating is now at 16 percent [212 kb Hanzi PDF file] following his inept and deadly response to Typhoon Morakot which began battering Taiwan on August 7, 2009, leaving a village with approximately 500 people buried in a gargantuan mudslide, thousands stranded -- some for over a week -- and tens of thousands inundated by deep flooding.

Pro-blue TVBS survey says Ma Ying-jeou's approval is only 16 percent
When TVBS says their own guy is doing this bad, he's doing much worse.
(Click to enlarge)

Ma took office less than 15 months ago promising "no unification, no independence, and no war" (不統、不獨、不武), but later said that the first of those actually meant that he "had not ruled out unification" [read: annexation]. Only about 10 percent Less than 9 percent of Taiwan's population support unification in any form whatsoever -- whether immediately or at some time in the future (1.2 percent wanting "'unification' ASAP," 7.6 percent wanting "status quo now, 'unification' later," for a total of 8.8 percent).

The Ma administration has also run roughshod over human rights. Last November (2008), over 7,000 police were ostensibly brought out to "protect" visiting Chinese envoy Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait Chairman Chen Yunlin (陳雲林), but instead of merely doing that, hundreds of protesters -- most of whom were peaceful -- were brutally beaten.

That same month, former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) (DPP) was detained on charges which have yet to be judged in a fair court according to the evidence. A judge (Chou Chan-chun [周占春]) who ruled that Chen could be released until such judgment was made was replaced with a different judge (Tsai Shou-hsun [蔡守訓]) who toed the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) line. Chen has now unjustly been in detention for over nine months. [If you haven't done so aleady, please go sign the petition to release Chen right now.]

Ma Ying-jeou doesn't care about Taiwan's Aboriginals
Remember in December 2007 when Ma told Aboriginals living in Taipei that he "sees [them] as humans" (我把你當人看)? [at the 7:25 mark in the video]. Then, when around 500 Aboriginals may have died in the mudslide which buried Siaolin Village (小林村), he blamed the victims for not evacuating. (Important point: The evacuation centers for that area were also buried by the mudslides.)

Where is the compassion? This cold-blooded administration has absolutely none. You must open your eyes, see clearly what's happening, and tell the world all about it. Above all, you must never forget how many Taiwanese have died (and continue to do so) because of the KMT.

* While discussing Ma's actions during "the most crucial hours of Morakot," Taiwan Echo points out how everything Ma touches has ended up "a disaster." I recently dubbed this phenomenon "The 馬的斯 Touch®."

* Claudia Jean explains how the DPP tried long ago to do what the KMT is now trying to take credit for (and which the KMT repeatedly blocked, thus postponing vital action until hundreds of people were already dead).

* Michael Turton points out that "When [the pro-blue] UDN says a KMT administration is not popular -- it ain't popular."

* Over at Talk Taiwan, Άλισον wishes that Larry King would interview Ma Ying-jeou. On that show, a whole new audience would get to see Ma's incompetent and dangerous foolishness.

* Today's Taipei Times has an English-language analysis of the TVBS survey: MORAKOT: THE AFTERMATH: Ma, Liu approval ratings plummet in Morakot's wake

UPDATE: Here are some images showing the numbers from even more recent surveys.

Ma Ying-jeou and Liu Chao-shiuan's 'satisfaction' ratings
A chart shows Ma Ying-jeou and Liu Chao-shiuan's (劉兆玄) "satisfaction" ratings.
Satisfied (L) vs. dissatisfied (R)
(Click to enlarge)

Comparison of various surveys asking if Ma should step down
Here's a comparison of various surveys asking if Ma should step down (those below the black line).
Should step down (L) vs. shouldn't (R)
It should be noted that neither CNN nor ICRT could be considered "green."
(Click to enlarge)

Talking Show's call-in survey about whether Ma should step down
Talking Show had a call-in survey about whether Ma should step down.
The final vote was: YES: 125,709 (98.214%); NO: 2,286 (1.786%)
(Click to enlarge)


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At 6:06 PM, Blogger Patrick Cowsill said...

That we have this kind of leadership is depressing.

In the interest of being fair, the 16 percent seems to be an approval rating for how Ma has handled the typhoon and not an overall approval rating. The first picture / TV capture says that in the top left-hand corner, doesn't it? Next to it says Ma's approval rating.

At 8:01 PM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...

Patrick, although that survey was done after the typhoon, it's the same question that TVBS has been asking for the past 14 months.

Take a look at p. 5 of that very survey [212 kb Hanzi PDF file] which lists Ma's satisfaction rating at these points in his presidency: one month after inauguration, two months, 100 days, melamine scandal, six months in office, one year, after visiting Taiwan's diplomatic allies, doubling as party chair, and after the typhoon.

That last one is where the part you pointed out from the first screen capture ("風災後 馬滿意度" ["Ma's post-typhoon satisfaction ratings"]) -- comes in.

Tim Maddog

At 8:43 PM, Blogger Patrick Cowsill said...

Well, put me in the 84 percent, whether that is for Ma's handling of typhoon fallout or other issues you're discussing on this post.

At 9:05 PM, Blogger  said...

"Ma Ying-jeou doesn't care about Taiwan's Aboriginals"

Not a funny subject but I can't help but giggle, as the headline reminds me so much of the ludicrous "George Bush doesn't care about black people" line. Nice blog!


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