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Friday, August 14, 2009


China reveals its plans for Taiwan

The Taipei Times today is featuring an article that appears to lay out the Chinese position on Taiwan very clearly. Li Fei (李非), deputy director of the Taiwan Research Center at Xiamen University spoke at a cross-strait forum and made the following comments:
"China’s policy of pushing cross-strait economic exchanges has three benefits.

First, it will strengthen China’s economic power and propel economic development in the region. Second, it will stabilize cross-strait relations and spur the two sides’ policy interactions. Finally, it will push forward peaceful unification through economic integration."

"Taipei’s plan to sign an economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) with Beijing “represents an important step toward the possibility of unification of the longtime adversaries.”

“It’s a start toward full cross-strait economic integration and a necessary condition for marching forward toward final unification,”

Li said the top priority was to develop trade relations and let market power gradually become the driving force behind economic exchanges.

As bilateral talks were resumed under the so-called “1992 consensus,” Li said future political negotiations would be based on the “one China” principle under the pretext of negotiations on issues concerning the economy or people’s livelihoods, as well as technical or administrative issues.

The development of political relations between the two sides would consist of several steps, he said. They were: engaging in political dialogue, ending cross-strait enmity, signing a peace treaty, conducting political negotiations on such issues as Taiwan’s political status and finally, undertaking negotiations on unification.

The second priority was to dole out small favors to “Taiwan compatriots,” he said, adding that “you don’t get something for nothing” and that “a man with big wisdom makes big compromises, and a man with small wisdom makes small concessions.”
It doesn't get more clearly signposted than that folks. What is the ROC Government's alleged response?
The Presidential Office later dismissed concerns that signing the economic pact would be one more step toward unification, insisting that the government would make the nation’s interests the priority when dealing with China.
Except, when the Government talks about the 'nation's interests' it actually means the Republic of China including the territory of the PRC and all Jhonghua ren therein. At least under A-Bian, there was no ambiguity about his sense of the composition and territory of the nation and people could feel proud to be Taiwanese. Now, Taiwanese are not so sure what flag they should honor, the ROC or PRC.

Ps: SET news has just presented a piece on President Ma blaming mountain dwellers for living in dangerous areas and not realising the risk and being prepared .... nice


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