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Monday, August 17, 2009


CNN can't decide whether to call Ma Ying-jeou Taiwan's "president" or its "leader"

They distort, you decide

Here are three screenshots which tell a story:

Most Popular on CNN: Taiwan leader takes typhoon blame
4:03 AM, August 17, 2009, Taiwan time
The most-viewed article at that time was listed as "Taiwan leader takes typhoon blame"
(and it's good to see that the readers are paying attention to Taiwan!),
but clicking that link took me to what you'll see in the next image.
(Click image to enlarge)

CNN headline: Taiwan's president takes blame for typhoon response
4:04 AM, August 17, 2009, Taiwan time
"Taiwan's president takes blame for typhoon response,"
but somebody behind the scenes is about to take the blame for the headline.
(Not that the link above appeared on the same page with this headline.)
Take a look below to see what happened next.
(Click image to enlarge)

CNN headline: Taiwan's president takes blame for typhoon response
8:30 AM, August 17, 2009, Taiwan time
Now it says "Taiwan's leader takes blame for typhoon response,"
and the first sentence of the article also uses the word "leader."
(Click image to enlarge)

Note the URL of the page calls Ma "president," but the most recent version changes "president" (in both the headline and the body of the article) to "leader," only using the word "president" in a direct quote from Ma farther down the page:
Gee, how do you think that happened?

* Luby in Wonderland: "CNN: Ma takes full responsibility, will punish subordinates, but will not resign"

* A post I wrote November 2006 shows how Ma "takes responsibility."

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At 10:25 PM, Blogger STOP Ma said...

Interesting. I noticed that the BBC -- normally a China-centric media outlet -- is now using "President" and "country" in the latest Typhoon articles. I'm keeping an eye on it.

At 9:18 PM, Blogger John said...

Either a Leader or President, Ma Ying Geou demonstrated that he lacked leadership during the worst natural disaster in Taiwan.

What kind of Commander in Chief shift blame to the Foreign Ministry?

What kind of CINC whose team was trained by the USA for Continuity of Operations could have mishandled a natural disaster like this.

Ma's apologies and 180 degree bow won't be able to rebuild his credibility. He's a one termer like Obama.

At 6:30 AM, Blogger Άλισον said...

4 AM taking screenshots, working too hard for Taiwan?
Get some rest, Tim.


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