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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Formosa Betrayed -- the official movie preview

The reason transitional justice is so important in Taiwan

The official trailer for the long-awaited film "Formosa Betrayed" is out. The film is based on the real-life murder of a Taiwanese writer which was carried out on American soil, and it follows the trail of evidence right to the top levels of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) government:


My favorite lines from the trailer: "The Chinese say we are their brothers. But if we are brothers, why do they treat us like this?"

I don't know the official release date yet, but if this film is showing anywhere within 20,037.51 kilometers of your location, you must see it. Open your eyes.

* The official movie web site

* The story and the history behind it via the official web site

* The film's news page mentions some festivals where the film has been accepted and will probably be the place to find out the actual release date.

* Formosa Betrayed on IMDb.com

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At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The movie is to me (who lives in Taiwan) just another propaganda piece out of the cold war.
There are enough evidence about a close cooperation between US military intelligents and Republic of China's garrison command.

I think if the US wouldn't have supported the KMT, the ROC never would be able to transport so many soldiers to Taiwan within that short time.

And even until day American human rights activists are punished by the US and even banned, and the Us government still only supports the KMT in favour to have a better relationship with the Communist Party of China.

I...the people in Taiwan want to see "CHANGE"...so can the US do it?

At 12:04 AM, Blogger Dixteel said...


You are absolutely right that the US made a huge mistake regarding Taiwan after WW2. But...we cannot be too one sided here, can we?

Taiwanese welcomed KMT after WW2, didn't they? Taiwanese elected Ma and KMT in 2008, didn't they? In the end, it's the Taiwanese that made the decision, even after Ma fucked up Taipei and wasted so much money.

Sorry to say, but Taiwan needs more change than the US, even though the US also has a lot of problems.

At 12:26 AM, Blogger ThomasHan said...

my high school friend is in this movie (the assasin who fired the bullet at beginning of the trailer), this is a MUST SEE movie! ;-) I can't wait...


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