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Friday, March 20, 2009


Ma Ying-jeou's approval rating is down again

Stuck in a rut

A new survey released just yesterday which was conducted by the pro-blue Global Views Magazine puts President Ma Ying-jeou's (馬英九) approval rating at 28.6% [648 KB PDF file] -- down 5.9 percentage points from last month's 34.5% [316 KB PDF file].

Back at the Ma-World Theme Park, this might be considered a "bounce," since his approval rating in October 2008 was only 23.6% -- about the same as TVBS says [156 KB PDF file] Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) current approval rating is.

BTW, the Global Views survey listed above gives Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) (Ma's party) legislators an overall approval rating of only 19.9%.

Worst. Legislators. Evah.

Who's your daddy?
Keep in mind that all of the polls quoted above favor Ma and the KMT -- while book sales recently put Chen at #1:
Chen Shui-bian's book ''Taiwan's Cross'' was a Number One bestseller
When I photographed this in February 2009,
Chen Shui-bian's book "Taiwan's Cross" (台灣的十字架) was
in the number one spot at Eslite Bookstore (誠品書店),
beating Barack Obama's "Dreams from My Father."
(Click to enlarge)

Who's the failest [sic] of them all?
At a press conference today, Ma had this to say in response to a reporter's question about his "political achievements" behind the low approval rating he has just 10 months in office [transcription via SETN, translation mine]:
我們覺得大的方向都是正確的 但是溝通的工作應該更加強。

We believe that we're moving mostly in the right direction, but we need to work harder at communicating.
Ma seems to have been consulting his "magic mirror" again.

Expect even more mendacious propaganda.

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