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Friday, December 28, 2007


Who's teaching whom?

An excellent op-ed piece in today's Liberty Times zeroes in precisely on what was wrong with with Ma Ying-jeou's saying he sees aborigines as people. The author Zhou Jing-wen first points out that some residents of the Xizhou Community have been living in Sindian for more than 30 years--longer than many of the mainlanders (xinzhumin) who now live there

So when Ma responded to the the aboriginal woman in the now notorious video by saying 'when you come our city, you have to play by our rules' he is ignoring the fact that the residents of the Xizhou community have been in Sindian for more than 30 years. But even worse, the op-ed piece asks, what right right does any Han Taiwanese, no matter when they came to Taiwan, have the right to start talking to aborigines about who came to whose city, who is going to educate whom, and who is going to treat whom as a person?

The piece concludes by suggesting that Ma's condescending 'Longstay' visits earlier this year can be read in light of his comments about the Xizhou Community.

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At 4:18 PM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...


Tim Maddog

At 1:06 AM, Anonymous liau said...


沒多久,忽然一個六十歲左右的婦人跑過來,對著電視機指指點點的大罵:『這個民進黨垃圾步、奧步、不要臉….』,他跑到我們旁邊來,想加入聊天,大概是看到我這個比他年輕的歐巴桑,不像他們以為的一高二低沒水準的民進黨支持者的樣子,我看了他一眼,繼續跟身邊不認識的歐吉桑聊:『我們應該支持十八趴,支持全民領十八趴!』歐吉桑說:『對啊!大家都要十八趴!』我接著又說:『應該全民來領終身俸!』另一位歐吉桑知道了我的用意,就說:『對啊,應該大家都來領終身俸,怎麼可以只有少數人在領呢!』那婦人就瞪大了眼睛,激動的大喊:『 憑什麼!憑什麼你們也可以領?』知道年輕歐巴桑是綠營的,馬上知道歐巴桑是非我布爾喬亞族類,是一高二低類....



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