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Friday, December 08, 2006


Differences matter: DPP vs. KMT

If humanity does not opt for integrity we are through completely. It is absolutely touch and go. Each one of us could make the difference.
- inventor R. Buckminster Fuller

Pre-election video
Here's something interesting I found on YouTube earlier tonight.

0'32" YouTube video: "民進黨跟中國國民黨的差別"
(Translation: "The difference between DPP and KMT")

Click "Play" at lower left to load the video here.
Click on the screen to open the video in a new browser window.
(I suggest hitting "Pause" until the video loads fully.)
Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Flash.
Click here for YouTube help.

My translation of the video's content:
"Widening the Chungshan Freeway"

Screen right: "Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) worked on it for 10 years."
Screen left: "DPP finished the job in 2 years."

(DPP zooms straight ahead, KMT weaves, falls behind.)

Screen right: "Taipei-Ilan freeway. KMT couldn't get it done."
Screen left: "DPP finished ahead of their own schedule."

"KMT keeps asking for more money before the job is even done."
"DPP saved NT$253,200,000,000 on Freeway No. 2."

(final screen)
"DPP's frugal governance:
Taiwan's future depends on it."

Know anybody who claims to be a fencesitter or who has been influenced by all the recent accusations? Show them this video and the quote at the top.

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