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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Voters of Taipei: recall Ma Ying-jeou

Time for him to take some responsibility

Our pal STOP_Ma (AKA STOP_George), who's been fighting the good fight on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, has created an online petition seeking the resignation of Taipei City mayor and KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou to take responsibility for failing to protect the law-abiding citizens of Taiwan's capital city from the mess brought about by the persistent lawless behavior of Shih Ming-teh's Red-Ant Army. The redshirted mob has been on the streets of Taipei for over a month (in many cases and locations, without the proper permits) screeching that they want to depose Chen Shui-bian, Taiwan's democratically-elected president, despite the fact that Chen hasn't been indicted on even a single charge. Tuesday night, Shih made threatening statements against the prosecutor who's investigating President Chen, saying that he'd better return a result which satisfies him and the redshirts. If he doesn't, Shih says that he and his crazies will surround the Judicial Yuan "in order to uphold an independent judiciary." (That's what he said!) Even if the result is to the liking of the crazies, they'll surround the Executive Yuan (Premier Su Tseng-chang's [蘇貞昌] branch) and the DPP central headquarters -- unless the DPP votes to recall the president.

That's not democracy -- it's mob rule! And if you think that kind of "justice" is anywhere near "independent," then I'm Ma Ying-jeou's grandmother!

Time for Mr. Rule-of-law to stop paying lip service to the law
"Chairman Mao-without-the-O" has previously insisted that the law must be followed (in certain cases only?), yet on Tuesday, when the nation's dignity and the safety of foreign dignitaries was at stake, he decided that the law was "flexib[le]." Wednesday night, Ma said that he's giving the redshirts another three weeks to run amok. [See UPDATE below]

No wonder he failed the bar exam.

See for yourself
Here's some video from Tuesday night's FTV English Edition which STOP_Ma kindly uploaded to YouTube.

10'12" YouTube video: "Resign, Mayor Ma Ying-jeou!"
Click "Play" at lower left to load the video here.
(I suggest hitting "Pause" until the video loads fully.)
Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Flash.
Click here for YouTube help.

Here's another video Michael Turton linked on his blog today which demonstrates the double standards of the redshirts/pan-blues surrounding the recent events. (Some Chinese-language ability required.)

1'36" YouTube video: "Double Standards - 2"

Now, go sign the petition and spread the word!

UPDATE: The report of Ma Ying-jeou giving the redshirts another three weeks may be incorrect. At the time I wrote that, they had originally held permits to hold two more weeks' worth of protests (October 14 - 27) on Ketagalan Boulevard (in front of Taiwan's Presidential Office), but those permits were subsequently revoked; however, redshirt organizer/spokesman Jerry Fan (范可欽) said they "would stay at the current site on the south plaza of Taipei Railway Station and continue protesting between 6pm and 10pm every night," according to the October 14 edition of the Taipei Times.

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At 11:24 PM, Blogger nostalgiphile said...

I agree that they're a pain in the ass, however, I definitely don't think that Shih's redshirts should be driven off the streets because they lack the "proper permits" or to "protect the citizens of Taipei." That sounds a bit too much like what Bush II has done with the infamous "designated protest zones" in the US. Besides, rounding them up and forcibly making them go home would only incite them to further extremism. Letting the freak show peter out on its own is no doubt the best, most democratic course of action.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger STOP Ma said...


They're more than a "pain in the ass". They were violent, threatening and caused much grief to the regular citizens who just wanted to enjoy the holiday. Mob control is something that is NOT tolerated in any democratic society.

Furthermore, no one is suggesting that "designated protest zones" be established. Taiwanese citizens SHOULD, however, be demanding that pro-active leadership in their most important city should be a basic minimum where these protests now occurr on a regular basis.

There is no reason why Ma Ying-jeou could not have attended those multiple meetings with the federal security forces so that a plan could be established to better protect the citizens (and foreign nationals) in his city. He chose to be negligent -- and I have witnessed this being a pattern for several years.

This "freak show" was ALLOWED to happen by the leadership in Taipei -- and, to a lesser extent, the organizers of the Double 10 event.

And let's remember shall we? The right to protest does NOT give you the right to break the law.


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