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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The Anti-Chen crowd continues brainwashing children

... and posting it on the Internet for the world to see

It's not surprising to me, but it is disgusting. Since last month when I blogged about a 2-year-old girl being taught by her father to hate Taiwan's president Chen Shui-bian, I've discovered 2 more similar videos, both posted by YouTube users who identify their location (on their profile pages) as Hong Kong. Imagine their "pride" and "joy"!

Then get ready to feel the nausea!

Shut up 'n' brainwash yer kids some more
The first of these latest examples of horrible parenting is titled 倒扁囡囡 ("Depose Chen baby") and consists solely of a very young child (with a crib visible in the background) repeating "下台" ("step down") and imitating the spasmodic "thumbs down" gesture of the redshirt protesters while two adults mumble outside the camera's view.

0'17" YouTube video: "倒扁囡囡"
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(I suggest hitting "Pause" until the video loads fully.)
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(The user's other currently-posted videos are all related to fire and karaoke.)

Return of the sons of shut up 'n' brainwash yer kids
(AKA "Ew, baby baby!")
Although the children in the next video aren't exactly "babies," it is titled "Twins baby" [sic] and accompanied by this description: "Twins shouting Taiwan against Ah Bin slogan" [sic]. Adults can be heard encouraging the kids to repeat the Mandarin words for "A-bian, step down." If their age isn't enough for you to understand that these kids are being exploited for their inability to discern right from wrong, I hope this makes it even clearer: the kids mistakenly pronounce "下台" (xià tái) as "下來" (xià lái) at the beginning, but the adults "correct" them. The parents are already blindly repeating the memes pushed by pro-China media across the region, and their unknowing children will carry on the "tradition."

0'48" YouTube video: "Twins baby"

The above video is currently this user's only posted video.

What bile is this?
Just in case I have to explain, go back to my earlier post on this subject, and scroll down to the part about "Family tradition." The kind of values I personally hope to pass on are enunciated in one of my own mottoes: "Question everything -- especially this!"

Your comments, questions, criticism, and complaints are welcome.

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At 11:15 AM, Blogger Poseidon206 said...

Reminds me of the "good'ol days" in elementary school: Where "三民主義統一中國" (Three Principles of the People unifies China) was chanted almost every morning, bowing down to the portrait or bronze statue of the dictator Chiang Kai-shek, calling him "自由的燈塔" (Lighthouse of freedom) or "民族的救星" (Savior of our people)... etc. This is the art of KMT education: brain washing.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Biomed Tim said...

I'm not sure if I'd call this "brainwashing." These people are just delusional and are completely oblivious to the flaws in their own reasoning.

They're just teaching their children what they think is "right."

We see the same in any country.

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...

Biomed Tim, as their parents have done before them, these kids will grow up saying and believing things without actually understanding why. How is this not brainwashing?

You're right that brainwashing is not specific to Taiwan, but what I'm doing here is pointing out specific examples of the kind of brainwashing which has led to and which helps perpetuate the current situation of confused identity in Taiwan. The more I learn about the particular brand of brainwashing used by the KMT since their arrival in Taiwan, the more disgusted I get. Stay tuned -- there's a lot more where these recent examples came from.

Parents need to teach their kids to differentiate truth from lies, what is right from what is wrong. I think logic and reasoning should be just as basic a part of a child's education as reading and writing.

Tim Maddog


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