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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Letter to the World Bank

Mike Turton recently featured a letter sent by Kristalina I. Georgieva Vice President and Corporate Secretary of The World Bank Group which all but annexed Taiwan to China.  Here is my email to Ms Georgieva, which I forwarded to FTV and Liberty Times:

Dear Kristalina,

In reference to your circular email in the World Bank of the above issue, I am keen to know on what legal grounds, or change to geopolitical reality, prompted you refer to Taiwan as 'Taiwan,China'? 

Are you not aware that Taiwan is a country with 23 full diplomatic allies that has its own currency, post office, health, education, police and military systems and features its own democratic elected government and, finally, exercises sole and sovereign control over its own territory? 

It may not be a member of the United Nations but it is equally NOT a 'geographic region'.   It is a de facto independent country with the formal title of Republic of China (Taiwan). 

Your unilateral annexation of Taiwan under 'China', alongside Macau and Hong Kong (which are, unlike Taiwan, administered by the PRC), without referencing the Government or people of Taiwan suggests on your part either a lack of awareness of world geography and politics or the fact that Chinese lobbying efforts within the World Bank to marginalise Taiwan are succeeding.

As Vice President and Corporate Secretary of the The World Bank Group, your internal memo risks hurting the feelings of the Taiwanese people and creating further mistrust across the Taiwan Strait, particularly as Taiwanese come to realise, via your unwarranted actions, the growing disparity between Chinese communication to Taiwanese and PRC actions on the world stage to gradually strip Taiwan of its international presence. 

Yours sincerely,


At 7:11 PM, Blogger misomoo said...

way to go! please do update us with any replies from her.


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