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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Disguised student caught on Wild Strawberry protest site

A guy disguised as a student infiltrated to the Wild Strawberry Movement (WSM) camp and stole a laptop that students use to operate their movement:

At about 9 am on 13 December, a student surnamed Lai found their notebook computer was missing. Workers of the Wild Strawberry Movement, after obtaining the agreement of everyone present, began to check through the personal belongings at the site. They then found the student Lai's computer under the jacket of a man claiming to be a student from Fu Jen University's Chinese Department.

Because of the principle of presumption of innocence, students of the Wild Strawberry Movement first asked the man to explain why he had student Lai's computer. However, his words stuttered and he was unable to give a reasonable explanation. Therefore at approximately 9:30 am on the same day, the students of the Wild Strawberry Movement sought the assistance of a police officer at the site. They reported the incident to the police. When the police checked the man's ID it was discovered that the information he had given to the Wild Strawberry Movement was false. Furthermore, he was not a student in Fu Jen University's Chinese Department.

(see http://taiwanstudentmovement2008.blogspot.com/2008/12/1213.html)

This reminds me of another report.

The WSM insists 3 appeals: 1. President Ma and Premier Liu apologize; 2. Chiefs of National Police Agency and of National Security Bureau, Wang and Tsai, step down; 3. Amend The Parade and Assembly Law.

On Nov. 15th, 9 days into WSM's month long protest, Ma government tried to make students scale down their protest by dropping the first two appeals.

Besides asking teachers of those students to participate in the persuasion, the Ma's party, KMT, also did this:


KMT's Youth League also "sent member(s)" to participate the WSM. Hoping to "scale down the focus" to only the 3rd appeal, they spread words that it's much harder to achieve the goals of "apology" and "resign", so it's better to focus on the "law amending".

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At 10:22 AM, Blogger Sean Su said...

Aren't these students mostly light blue? I wonder if their politics stays after all this. Imagine being them...

Bring threatened, getting forcefully yanked off in the middle of the night, having untrue stories spread about you, being told that military monitors would be reintroduced to your school, having the president try to dupe your goals by introducing a bill that does little to change what is righteous except in name, watching most of the media twist your words, and your own teachers pressuring you not to believe in your own convictions.

Wow. Just wow.

At 8:01 AM, Blogger The Taipei Kid said...

That reminds of fellow "immigrants" or "reporters" sneaking into the New Immigrants Center to try to swindle the foreign brides.


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