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Saturday, November 08, 2008


Live broadcast of student protest against police brutality in Taiwan

Updated : 111008.0745

The "martial law"-like police control that Ma Ying-jeou's government imposes on Taiwanese, especially that during the visit of Chen Yunlin (陳雲林), the chairman of Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS), has triggered widespread anger among Taiwanese. Students all over the island are organizing protests to demand the government with the following appeals:

1) President Ma Ying-jeou and Premier Liu to apologize to the public;
2) Director of National Security Bureau and that of National Police Agency to step down;
3) Revise the unconstitutional Assembly And Parade Law (the current Law requires all demonstrations to be pre-approved, which often used as a political tool to screen protests);

The protest organizers insist the protest to be peaceful and non-partisan. The participation of any political figure is denied. No banner, flag, slogan are allowed, except the only one provided by the organizer, which reads: "The Police Violates the Law."

Live broadcasts are setup for people around the world to witness and participate:

1) Taipei: http://live.yahoo.com/wenli

This is the first protest. Started on 11am, Nov. 6th (Thursday) in front of Execute Yuan, it was dispersed by the police yesterday. Students regrouped on the Freedom Square. It's been going on for ~50 hours now.

2) Tainan: http://live.yahoo.com/tainandirect

Started just now (1 pm Taipei time, Nov. 8th, 2008). It's in Guang-Fu Campus of Cheng Kung University.

3) Taichung: http://1106.ezyou.cc/Home/tai-zhong-chang-ci

This one will start 2 pm, Nov, 9th, 2008, Sunday. See the above link for location. [Tim Maddog edit: It's at Citizens' Square (市民廣場), on the south side of Gongyi Rd. just west of Yingtsai Rd.]

live broadcast of Taichung protest:
Decode: tcantiapl = tc(Taichung) + anti + apl (Assembly and Parade Law)

Please spread the news.

Ma Ying-jeou is turning a democratic Taiwan into a police state. With the absolute authority he administrates, the current student protests could potentially be turned into "Tiananmen Square of Taiwan."

International media, if you are watching this, please H~E~L~P~~~ ...

  1. MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Simultaneous broadcast of all protest sites at 12:30 PM, Nov.10, Monday, Taipei time (or, 11:00 PM, Nov.9, Sunday, Eastern Time)

  2. The protest is officially called: Wild Strawberry (野草莓)

  3. Hsinchu (新竹):
    11:00Am, Monday Nov.10 (Taipei time), Tsing Hua University (清大小吃部)

  4. Changhua (彰化):
    Well it was between 4~5:00pm, Sunday, Nov.9. I didn't learn this until now. Don't know how it went.

  5. Official websites of the protest:
    Taipei: http://action1106.blogspot.com
    Taichung: http://tcantiapl.twgogo.org
    English: http://taiwanstudentmovement2008.blogspot.com/

  6. English writint/speaking volunteers needed urgently. Please contact yvonne8604(at)gmail(dot)com or check out the English site above)

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At 5:32 AM, Blogger STOP Ma said...

Awesome!!! I've bookmarked these Live Broadcasts. The corporate media is becoming more and more obsolete because of this technology. LOVE IT!!!

At 4:53 AM, Blogger STOP Ma said...


China Asks Obama to Sacrifice Taiwan Democracy / Sovereignty


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