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Friday, October 10, 2008


New book by Dr. Shieh Ching-jyh

Get it before it's banned

I get letters [bracketed translations mine]:
You probably know Dr Ching Shieh's story too. He was falsely accused of corruption after having tackled the very difficult, world-first case of problems caused vibration from High Speed Rail (affecting Tainan technology park). He was put into jail without trial. The court has finally given him an 'innocence' verdit in August 2008. He has written his experience and thoughts in his new book, released only 2 days ago.

謝清志博士的blog [Dr. Shieh Ching-jyh's blog]
English: http://www.supportching.com/

He is having a new book (生命振動) ["A life shaken"] release tea party tomorrow [Saturday, October 11, 2008] at NTU [National Taiwan University] 台大校友會館4F [4th floor, NTU Alumni Association Meeting Hall] (台北市濟南路一段2-1號) [#2-1 Jǐnán Road, Section 1].
It's all in the details
The subject line and Chinese section of the above mail reveal a couple more details. The full title of the book is 《謝清志的生命振動》 (Dr. Ching Shieh's "A life shaken"), and the tea party will take place from 2:30 - 5:00 PM.

Dr. Ching Shieh's ''A life shaken''
Dr. Ching Shieh's "A life shaken"
(Click to enlarge)

Further reading:
* Here's something Michael Turton wrote about the case in real time on Taiwan Matters!

* On his own blog, Michael wrote about the acquittal.

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