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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Ma to face corruption inquiry

The pro-Green Liberty Times is reporting that KMT Chairman and Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou is going to face an inquiry into his use of the special funds.


In sum, it says that the Black Gold Center, a special prosecutorial office opened to probe corruption cases in Taiwan, is going to pursue one against Ma's use of the special funds, just as it currently is against President Chen. It was discovered that the monthly allotment has been moved into his private account, and public and private monies are not clearly separate. Let me emphasize that placing the money into one's private accounts and not giving receipts is perfectly legal for up to half the money. Ma is probably not in violation of the law (Ma is slick and innately weak; I'll be shocked if there is anything more than garden variety hanky-panky, such as the purchase of the puppy he has already revealed to the media, a story I see no reason not to believe.)


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