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Thursday, November 02, 2006


The Foreigner on Local Politics

Local English politics blogger The Foreigner discusses Li Ao's hilarious interview with Taiwan News...

But there's ONE question on everybody's mind that unfortunately the Taiwan News DIDN'T ask. Namely, just how long are we all going to have to wait before the cops haul Li's crazy, publicity-seeking ass off to jail for illegal possession of an electric stun baton, illegal possession of teargas, assault with an electric stun baton, and criminal discharge of teargas within a crowded room?

....and points up the serious problem of legislative impunity. Nobody else could walk around with weaponry like that and not get arrested. Rule of the law starts with the leadership!

The Foreigner also has a few informed remarks about the State Department's support of AIT Director Steve Young's remarks.

For the last three weeks, the KMT and its allies have been trying to make an issue out of American diplomat Stephen Young’s utterances in an effort to divert attention away from their blocking of the special arms budget. When Young said it was impolite for People First Party chairman James Soong to heckle Taiwan’s president during National Day, the PFP and some members of the KMT began making noises about deportation. Their calls to have Young declared persona non grata intensified when he delivered a speech in which he stressed the urgency for Taiwan to pass a "robust arms package" by the end of the fall legislative session. Young’s statements, they objected, amounted to interference in Taiwan’s internal political affairs.

(The China Post printed four hysteric anti-Young / anti-American letters between October 28th and the 30th. They can be reviewed here.)

Nice quote at the front there, Foreigner. And don't miss his great spot of professional protesters who showed up at two different protests....ROFL.


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