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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Cross-strait fantasy?

Leonard Boasberg of the The Philadelphia Inquirer has a review of The Mandarin Club, an imaginative thriller about cross-strait politics:

What if the long-simmering dispute between the Chinese Communist government and Taiwan - the one determined to end Taiwan's independence, the other determined to defend it - metastasized into a crisis?

What if Taiwan were reported to be developing a clandestine nuclear capability against Chinese attack?

What if military hard-liners in the Chinese Communist government were deploying missiles in Fujian province, 60 miles from Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait?

What would the United States do? What could it do, its military still bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, its economy in hock to China?

Interesting how, at least in the review, it is the "Chinese Communist government" v. "Taiwan," rather than the "Taiwanese Capitalist government" or the "Taiwanese Democratic government" or even the "Taiwanese government."

I thought there were missiles pointed at us from Fujian.


At 1:26 AM, Anonymous vvv said...

'...one determined to end Taiwan's independence, the other determined to defend it..." That's a step in the right direction because Taiwan is described as an independent country as opposed to a province that wants to be independent.


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