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Sunday, August 20, 2006


More Corruption Involving In-Laws and Heavyweight Pols

Let's take a look at a recent corruption case. In-laws receiving shady money? Check. Party heavyweight involved in petty corruption? Check. Secret payments and false names? Check. Clearly, this is just the kind of politician the pan-Blues claim they don't want in Taiwan.

Nope, I'm not talking about President Chen Shui-bian , but James Soong, Chairman of the PFP, pan-Blue, and veteran of many protests attacking Chen for a lack of integrity. Soong lost his appeal in court today and must pay a massive fine for tax evasion:

James Soong, chairman of the opposition People First Party (PFP), was the first political leader in Taiwan asked by the court to pay a big fine over tax evasion.

The Supreme Administrative Court rejected his appeal of a lower court decision in his tax evasion case. Soong will have to pay NT$26.42 million to the national treasury as the Supreme Administrative Court's ruling is final.

According to the National Tax Administration, Soong failed to pay a gift tax when he remitted more than NT$42 million left over from his 1994 gubernatorial campaign funds into his daughter-in-law's bank account in five installments under five different names. The amount exceeded the ceiling for non-taxable gifts.

Five installments under five different names. Think some of those pan-Blues out there screaming at Chen will move over to PFP headquarters and camp there?

Don't make me laugh.

*(Meanwhile the Control Yuan announced that yet another evidence-free accusation of Chiu Yi against President Chen was found wanting today as no irregularities were discovered with the alleged secret account of President Chen.)

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