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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


5 Steps To Annexation

  1. Economic integration becomes economic dependency

  2. Cultural and Linguistic integration blurs boundaries of identity and reinvigorates the 'great Chinese nation race'

  3. Legal integration cedes authority over Taiwanese citizens to both CCP and KMT hegemonic governments

  4. Political integration blurs issues of sovereignty and renders self-governance of Taiwan impotent as a symbol of independence on the global stage

  5. Military integration and joint border controls prevent other nations from driving a wedge between Taiwan and China
Stages 1-2 are well under way. If Ma or a KMT President gets elected in 2012 expect rapid (though ambiguously worded) advancement of stages 3-5.

Above all, this is not quantum mechanics but simple politics of nationalism, fear & insecurity, economic dominance and naval / military superiority. The writing is very clearly on the wall. Those who choose to ignore it out of 'pragmatism', defending the (shifting) 'status-quo', seeking win-win or refusing to believe it is happening will have a lot of explaining to do in the near future. What will the middle generation tell their kids I wonder? - "Sorry son, we gave up on Taiwan because we didn't have the courage of our fathers and mothers to fight for something we didn't know the value of" ....