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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Video of Taiwanese beauties in Geneva -- UNCUT

Who loves Taiwan, crybaby?

WHO's reckless and disgraceful and causing Taiwan to lose face? That would be the Minister of Health Yeh Ching-chuan (葉金川).

What happened? Some Taiwanese students studying in Europe, including Huang Hai-ning (黃海寧) -- the good-looking 30-year-old who is a PhD candidate in France and the daughter of former Taichung County councilor Huang Pin-huang (黃丙煌) (DPP) -- caught up with Yeh in Geneva and wanted to make sure he wouldn't sell out Taiwan to China.

They had a pretty good reason to worry.

Taiwan is already listed as "China (Province of Taiwan)" on the World Health Organization (WHO) web site -- clearly the result of a 2005 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between China and the WHO. President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) implausibly denies having any knowledge of this MOU.

It's more than just "implausible." Chang Jung-Kung (張榮恭), then-spokesman and director of the Chinese Nationalist Party's (KMT -- y'know, Ma's party?) department of mainland China affairs said that he had "obtained the contents of the memorandum through China's relevant institutions in charge of Taiwan affairs," according to a May 29, 2005 CNA article republished on GlobalSecurity.org.

Getting back to the events at hand, Huang repeatedly asked Yeh what name Taiwan would be using at the World Health Assembly (WHA), but Yeh refused to give a direct answer to any of her questions. He could only shout insults and try to run away. Eventually, he made his way to a waiting vehicle and took off.

Can you guess what happened just a short time later?

Yeh held a press conference and... cried! zOMFG!!!!111!

What Luby said
Instead of trying to describe my own incredulous reaction to this scene, let me just quote something I received in the mail today which says it much better than I could [from Luby Liao's blog, presented here with minor edits]:
Some thoughts:
1. [Yeh] could not talk coherently.
Student: What title are we using to participate in the WHA?

Yeh: Please have self-respect... Can you speak Taiwanese? ... We must have dignity... What do you want?... Why do I need to answer your question?... I love Taiwan....
2. Not only did he NOT answer legitimate and intelligent questions, he mumbled irrelevant (We must have dignity) and offensive (Why do I need to answer citizens' questions?) gibberish.

3. He became foul-mouthed, using language[] that made me shudder.

4. Michael Turton: Afterwards he convened an instant press conference (using taxpayers' money), where he sniffled and whimpered. He never answered the question: What title are we using to participate in the WHA?
Isn't a Minister supposed to be an outstanding citizen, capable, ethical and patriotic? Why is this Minister incoherent, evil, and openly selling out his country?
Take a look at the 5-minute video, with no edits, and see everything the pro-blue media left out:

5:01 YouTube video: "葉金川失控飆罵愛國學生 保證一刀未剪完整版"
Translation: Yeh Ching-chuan loses control, unleashes a whirlwind of abusive
language when confronted by patriotic students: the complete, uncensored version

I hereby declare Huang Hai-ning a National Treasure!

The same footage can be seen here with Hanzi subtitles added and a discussion by the Talking Show (大話新聞) panel:

10:36 YouTube video: "09-05/19 SET-大話新聞( DaHwa News)14/6"
Translation: May 19, 2009, SET Talking Show, part 6 of 14 [of that evening's show]

If anybody finds a version with English subtitles, let me know so I can share it with readers who might not understand the Mandarin and Taiwanese in the ones above.

* In today's Taipei Times, Yeh's 'heckler' shares her story

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At 9:09 AM, Blogger taretz said...

It saddens me to see how this beautiful island Taiwan is going to be damaged or even destroyed by nationalist fanatics as yourselves. The fact that Taiwan can finally participate in the WHA is clearly a good thing. The DPP did not object when Taiwan takes part in the Olympics as Chinese Taipei, and they also pushed for observer status in the WHA, but now as the KMT government achieved access to the WHA, it is suddenly declared as bad. And as for the tearful reaction of Yeh, you would probably have blamed him for any kind of reaction, because had he stayed cool, that would have been interpreted as cold and heartless. At least Yeh has shown some human response to that aggressive behaviour he was exposed to. I am dreading the day people like yourselves get to power in Taiwan, because in the country where I come from we have already experienced the horrors that ruling nationalists can inflict on their country and their neighbours.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...

For someone who has written a "factbook" about Taiwan, you seem to be rather short on facts.

First of all, putting Taiwan into the subset of "Greater China" is like putting on "reverse blinders" -- ones that only let you see what's to the side, but not what's right in front of you.

So let me play your game and explain (for the readers -- and to ward off other trolls) the things you probably already know.

When Chen Shui-bian was president, perhaps you noticed that this side opposed the use of the "white flag" monicker, "Chinese Taipei" (which ironically began in the year 1984). However, participation in the Olympics continued. Although Taiwanese athletes from outside of Taipei were labeled with the ridiculously inaccurate name, at least we didn't go even one millimeter backwards.

People on my side of the political issue agree that Taiwan's participating in the World Health Assembly (WHA) is a good thing. But you are completely ignoring what's right in front of you -- the thing that's actually being protested!

Taiwan is not participating in the WHA as "Chinese Taipei." Because China -- whose government kept SARS a secret -- forced the World Health Organization (WHO) to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Taiwan is listed on the WHO web site under "China (Province of Taiwan)."

Protesting Taiwan going to the WHA? NO.

Protesting Taiwan being called "China (Province of Taiwan)"? HELL, YEAH!

It's right there in paragraphs 4 and 5 of this post -- with links. Did you merely miss that part, or are you being willfully ignorant? (No need to answer that. The part about "nationalist fanatics as yourselves" tells me what I need to know.)

Moving on, how can the writer of a "factbook" on Taiwan not understand that the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) is a foreign occupier and that this is quite different from the self-determination you see as "fanatic[ism]"? Oh, yeah. It's those "reverse blinders" getting in the way again.

So, Mr. "China-Taiwan factbook," Mr. Student of "Chinese Literature, History and East Asian Politics," Mr. "Sinologist," Mr. "I went to the China Post to get my book promoted," Mr. "Taiwan's economy is China's economy (from p. 96 of your book)," Mr. "Taiwan is China's 29th province (from p. 183 of your book)" -- take your "can't-see-Taiwan-as-Taiwan" frames somewhere else besides this blog, and see if you can earn a fact-based income.

Tim Maddog

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Valerio said...

My two pennies:

1) Minister Yeh has been trained as a doctor not a politician/diplomat. Yes he acted rashly, but I would be pretty depressed if I worked my ass off ans got no thanks for it.

I would have simply responded to the question posed by the girl by stating "Chinese Taipei" and that's it. no more possible fuss.

2) I think participation under any name is better than no participation.

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...

First of all, Yeh Ching-chuan did not "work[ his] ass off" to get into the WHA.

Secondly, if he had answered "Chinese Taipei," he would have been lying. Click the link to see what's on the WHO web site, and stop repeating the Chinese Nationalist Party's (KMT) lies.

Lastly, if "participation under any name" is okay, how 'bout I just call you "troll," since I've seen you displaying this kind of trollish ignorance elsewhere, too?

China: "Hey, we'll 'save Taiwan' today (even though Taiwan should have been in the WHO to begin with), so don't complain about us destroying your entire future."

The Taiwanese: Fuck that.

Tim Maddog

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...

One thing I missed: "that girl" -- as you referred to her -- is a woman.

Tim Maddog

At 11:09 PM, Blogger taretz said...

I agree with Valerio. Although Chinese Taipei is not an ideal name, participation under that name is still better than being excluded again, especially after the H1N1 outbreak. By the way, the name Chinese Taipei is not a lie, it can be clearly seen on the letter the WHO sent to Taiwan's DOH in late April (see links).
And that's a fact! Sounds funny to me to be lectured about facts by a man who claims to have been abducted by aliens or believes there can be 'moderation' in 'ass-whoopin' (end of quote)...
Tilman Aretz

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Valerio said...


Fair enough, she is a woman, I had no intentions of demeaning her my calling her a girl.

I understood that the invitation that yeh received was under the name Chinese Taipei, otherwise Yeh could still replied to the woman that he was participating under the name of "The Province of China".

I care about the fact that there is a representative there.

I think you'll find my comment might have factual errors, but I'm in no way trying to talk down to someone nor incite a response, I'm trying to understand the thought process of others - hardly a behavior of a troll...

At 3:09 AM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...

@ 2 trolls with nearly-identical logical fallacies:

"Chinese Taipei" (on the letter which lists no country and which fails to address Yeh by his actual title: "Minister") is merely bait for the trap. It doesn't negate the fact that "China (Province of Taiwan)" (unacceptable to most, invisible to you two?) is what is listed on the WHO web site. That's why Yeh couldn't answer the question.

And let's not forget about the Memorandum of Understanding (which Ma Ying-jeou inexplicably pretends might not even exist).

Specifically @ Tilman "GIO" Aretz:

The description on my other blog says you should "be prepared for an ass-whoopin'" if you crash your motorcycle into me (based on an actual event), and if you hover on the link about being "abducted by aliens" (feel free to follow the link, too), you might be surprised to find out that "alien" has more than one definition.

So do try to use your brain. I think my own generosity in allowing your two fact-distorting comments may need "moderation."

And do read the note above the comment box before trying again -- if you or your employers feel you must.

Tim Maddog

At 1:37 AM, Blogger fiLi - 安斐理 said...

I'm in love.

At 6:39 AM, Blogger shiryu7 said...

Thanks Tim Maddog!


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