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Friday, March 30, 2007


Wang Yu-tseng Wins a Round

Wang You-tseng, the fugitive Rebar tycoon, will be released from a US immigration detention center by April 4th unless the US government decides to appeal Judge Rose Peter's decision to release Wang on grounds that he did not illegally enter the US because he never exited.

Wang's lawyers successfully argued that although Wang passed through US passport control and flew to Singapore, he never legally exited the US because he did not legally enter Singapore. Wang's high-powered immigration lawyers cited a case known as the Matter of T as a precedent. In that 1955 case, a Yugoslav national left the US on a ship but was unable to enter his European destination. After returning to the United States, he eventually won a judgment that he had never exited the US since he had never entered another country.

The US government has 30 days to appeal.

In a related analysis, the pro-blue China Times tries to get in a jab at the government by arguing that this outcome is the fault of the government here for not letting Wang enter Singapore. They of course neglect to mention that had he entered Singapore, he might well be in Burma now by some other route. Still, it does once again raise the question of why Taiwanese authorities fail to find adequate representation in these cases until too late.

Wang's lawyers now say that he will apply for political asylum in the US. He can't apply for US citizenship because Taiwan will not issue him the criminal clearance he needs to apply. This requirement is waived for applicants for political asylum.

Tellingly, Wang's fancy Chinese-American lawyer said that Wang may eventually attempt to return to China, the country of his birth.


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At 2:31 PM, Anonymous pissedoff said...

And to think, I am being forced to leave Taiwan because I accidentally overstayed my visa by less than one day.

It was not even on purpose. I went to the airport to catch my flight as usual, but found out at the counter that my travel agent (of over 10 years) misbooked my eticket. Now I am blackballed from entering Taiwan for a year.

I've lived here for 20 years and never once missed my exit date. I am a small business owner who has purchased several millions of NT$ of product from Taiwan companies. I've paid all my taxes, been a good citizen, put millions of NT dollars back into the local economy and even have helped many Taiwanese in times of need, but I am getting thrown out because I overstayed my visa by less than one day. I have to sell my apartment, close my bank accounts, cancel my credit cards, break with my girlfriend, everything.

All I can say is screw any Taiwanese that tries to get a USA visa. Your government wants to fuck the handful of good foreigners that try to carve out a life in Taiwan so you should get the same treatment from the USA.

This type of story just disgusts me to no end. Just sign me ex-Taiwan lover, now Taiwan hater.


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