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Friday, September 15, 2006


Liberty Times on Cultural Revolution in Taiwan

The popular blog ESWN, generally contemptuous of Taiwan's democracy, has a rare piece translated from the pro-Green Liberty Times:

"The revelatory materials in Taiwan are rather like the "Doubt everything; bring down everything" during the Cultural Revolution. Anyone who supports Taiwan independence is attacked and must apologize, just like the "five black types." What kind of democracy is this? This type of populism is being manipulated by the Chinese Communists. Although Taiwan does not have a Mao Zedong, the shadows of the Chinese Communists are everywhere. In Taiwan, it was not easy to find a political figure such as Shi Ming-teh, who has never been to China. Therefore, he is a rarity. But during this entire movement, Chen Yu-hao and many pro-unification politicians, together with many performing artists and gangsters with China backgrounds, caused Shih Ming-teh to change colors. So the Cultural Revolution is coming back through Shih. But can Shih Ming-teh really assume power?"

We've blogged before on Lin Cheng-chieh and his beating of a pro-democracy mainlander on a TV talk show, and his connections to China and to the notorious gangster Chang An-lo.

Shih has sowed the wind....


At 2:01 AM, Blogger Tim Maddog said...

Friday's Taipei Times has a smoother translation of the piece. The author (林保華) may be more recognizable to some by the name he uses in English-language contexts: Paul Lin.

Tim Maddog


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